Go beyond problems and solutions. Aim for Action.

Action doesn't just happen. You have to plan for it.


You have a problem. You see an opportunity. You want to make sure your people take action. You need them to do what you need them to do.

At Aim for Action, we build solutions that inspire action. We design tools and experiences that reduce barriers and take advantage of opportunities. We work with nonprofit and public sector leaders to strengthen your impact through effective, action-focused solutions that close the gap between where your people are now and where you need them to be.

We know that time and resources are limited, but creative solutions that make a difference are not. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you move your people to action.



Take a step back to understand the big picture. What is holding your people back? How can you better support their success? By answering these questions, you can build a system that moves people forward.

The Aim for Action framework is designed to help you break your situation into components. What is the goal? Who’s involved? How do you make sure all the barriers and opportunities have been addressed? 

Download the one-page overview worksheet, watch the video below, and then get started. Using the framework, you’ll see how your organization can go beyond problems and solutions and achieve action.

We have additional materials available for you to use with your organization, including an expanded worksheet. We can also facilitate the Aim for Action framework for your board or staff members. Contact us for more information.


The Aim for Action framework is a valuable tool, designed for nonprofits and public sector organizations that need to get things done.

Watch this video to understand the Aim for Action framework. Using the metaphor of climbing Mount Rainier, we look at one topic, nonprofit advocacy, and explore barriers and accelerators to action. The video offers a great example of our collaboration: clear information, original graphics, and an effective narrative. Enjoy!

What We Do

Nancy Bacon and Margaret "Meps" Schulte build custom-designed solutions that inspire action.

Instructional Design

We develop curricula and materials that leave people ready to take action.

Tool development

From websites and document vaults to games and interactive experiences, we create custom tools that are effective, easy to use, and often fun.


We provide coaching, consulting, and advice to leaders to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

Who we Are

Nancy Bacon

Nancy Bacon is a teacher, instructional designer, and nonprofit leader who is known for creating learning experiences that move people to action.  Learn more…

Margaret Meps Schulte

Margaret "Meps" Schulte

With 35 years of experience in nonprofit and corporate communications, Meps’ mission is to deliver the right information to the right people in the right format. Learn more…

Who we've worked with

Virgina Lang, Lang Consulting

Nancy creates the finest, most comprehensive learning for adults that I’ve ever seen. It speaks to every kind of learner at every level of experience. Meps brings that content to life with images and designs that make it easy to access and remember. As a trainer and teacher for almost 35 years, I love delivering workshops and trainings from these two talented women. Nobody does it better. 

Jacqueline Monteiro, NGO Leader (Salvador)

I took nonprofit classes from Nancy and Meps in Salvador, Brazil. They presented information in a way that made it accessible. We practiced activities so we would be ready to take action after the class. I was so impressed by how they worked across language and culture. I learned so much! 

Karen Hirsch, Ostara Group
At Ostara, we believe fundraising is all about relationships and caring for relationships means taking action. The “Aim for Action” approach has become core to our workshop and webinar design.


Here are a few of the projects we've worked on. Much more can be seen on the Washington Nonprofit Institute website.

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